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To create a new OnionMail account click HERE.

To install a new OnionMail server use our repository.

Downloads available

OnionMail Tools
Download Ver. 1.0

TorDNS LocalProxy
Download Ver. 1.0.1

NTU (Network Termination Unit)
Download Ver. 1.1.2

Use our repository

Packages of OnionMail repository:

  • onionmail  The OnionMail server.
  • onmw-black  The black theme for OnionMail's server web hidden service page.
  • onmw-noweb  Disable OnionMail's server web pages on hidden service.
  • ntu  Network rebounder in the TOR network.
■ Update in progress...

To update existent OnionMail server use apt.

Don't forget to registrer to SysOp's Mailing list: sysop.list [at] ridotnp5m5lp22gw [dot] onion
Send a message to server [at] ridotnp5m5lp22gw [dot] onion with subject LIST sysop.list [at] ridotnp5m5lp22gw [dot] onion SUBSCRIBE
OnionMail Bundle Windows 7
Unofficial OnionMail bundle to use OnionMail on Windows systems.
Windows users can use OnionMail Wizard on Windows (8, 7 , XP).

This is a beta version with some programs:
Claws-Mail, Tor, NTU, Kleopatra, GnuPG, OnionMail Wizard.

(Source codes included). The wizard is very old (this is an uptate from OnionMail 0.0.1 wirted in VB6 dead language).

(CC) by OnionMail Project

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