Binary statistics loop file
This file contains binary data. First 16 bytes are used as headers.
Into the header there are two important informations:
Current record and current round.

There are 744 record after the headers. These record contain the statistics data for each hour into a 31 days statistics (1 month).
The current record is the first record to read, (at the end of file return to first record).
In each record there is the loop counter. This byte indicates the round number of the record.
When OnionMail return to the first record (after the last), it increment the loop counter.
(You can considerate the loop counter as hight bits of current record number).
Remember: If the loop number is too hight, it is set to 0.

Word = 2 bytes (16 bits).
DWord = 4 bytes (32 bits).

Word (16bits) 0x1234 Header to detect machine byte order.
Word Current record (if value is 0xFFFF the file is empty).
Word Current round
Word 0
Dword (32bits) Magic number 0x2E27810 (Word "stats" if converted in base36).
Word Max number of records
Word Record size in bytes (63 bytes).

To detect the address of a record:
address = 16+(recordSize*recordNumber)
Record structure:
Byte number of round.
DWord (32Bits) Time stamp in seconds form 1/1/1970 at 00:00.
Word num of messages in.
Word num of messages out.
Word num of messages form/to internet.
Word num of errors.
Word num of Exception errors.
Word num of Spam actions.
Word num of POP3 logons.
Word num of messages Tor to Tor
Word num of messages Tor to Internet
Word num of messages Internet to Tor
DWord num of received messages bytes.
DWord num of transmitted messages bytes.
Word num of maximum running SMTP sessions/thread.
Word num of maximum running POP3 sessions/thread.
Word num of maximum running threads.
Byte percentage of running threads.

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