The file keyblock.txt contains the server's master key to generate the server's keys.
All data are encryptded and stored via base64 encoding.
This file will deleted automatically by OnionMail when the boot sequence is completed and all data are sent to other server into the F(X) functions.
To prevent the file wipe use the -ndk command (OnionMail's command line).

We suggest to put this file in another machine into a secure place.

There are some way to encrypt the keyblock and masterkeys:
All KeyBlocks can be encrypted by a one or more password, key files, F(X) and remote passhparases (up to 4096 characters).
All function can be combined to hide the master key.

Using the F(X) boot option the key are not on the server, but are splitted into unknown F(X) into the tor network.
Using the remore passphrase the key will loaded form another hidden service with user manual activation in a single session and private way.

(CC) by OnionMail Project

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