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27 Nov 2013 OnionMail 1.0.5
Enhanced Encryption
 You can select the random algorithm and increase the amount of cryptographic steps for saving messages.

    The keys are no longer on the server:

         In addition to saving the file in encrypted format sysop.txt GPG keys will no longer be on the server.
         Indeed startup are agreed with other server F (X) that the server does not know. These are called semi keys and are used to reconstruct the encryption key of the server based on an initial X present in the same server from which you can not correlate the key.
         When starting the server negotiates the F (X) with the other servers, resulting inside the encryption key. The seeds of F (X) have the credits that allow you to control when to restart the server.
         There is also a certificate of self-destruction that once sent destroys all the F (X) on the server impedento the reconstruction of the keys and restart the server.

    Upgrading SSL:

         SSL certificates are verified with 3 steps, a system of cross-checking allows you to know if they are the right ones by checking SSL cretificati also manifest through the server.

    Messages TKIM:

         Not being able to implement in a certain way to verify the sender's inherent anonymity of the Tor network, has implemented a system called TKIM (Tor Key Identified Mail). This system verifies the signature with the sender using an RSA key of the sending server. Through this system to the demands assimeme TORM K can also check nodes in / out privileges OnionMail.

    Manifest 2.0:

         The manifest information from the server to the network OnionMail for the mail server. Thanks to the new version in addition to signing the manifest with RSA keys of 2048 bits can enunciate the hash of the SSL certificate used on the server and some custom information such as the web page.

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