OnionMail Man page

    onionmail [-q] [-f <config file>] [-v] [-p <password>] [-ndk] 
        [-pf <global_slat_keyfile>] [-d] [--reboot] [--pgp] [-pi]
        [-rpf <remotePasswdFile>]
        [--gen-rpass] [-sp]
    onionmail [-q] --gen-passwd 
    onionmail [-q] --gen-servers [-sp] -f <config file> [--pgp] [--set-pgp]
    onionmail [-q] --set-pgp
    onionmail [-q] --stop -f <config file>
    onionmail [-q] --gen-keyfile <file> <bits>
    onionmail [-q] --gen-keyfile <file> <bits> --show-passwd
    onionmail [-q] [-d] --reboot 
    onionmail [-q] --kctl
    onionmail [-q] [--pgp]

    -f    <par>    Set config file and directory
            (Must be in `dir/config.conf` format).
    -v        Enable verbose.
    -p    <par>    Use a password by command line for all KeyBlock files.
    -pi        Use the STDIN password mode:
            When OnionMail sends a string to stderr:
            OM:[PASS] Send password to STDIN
            Send the server's password to stdin.

    -ndk        Do not delete any KeyBlock and sysop file.
    -sp        Choose passwords manually for all KeyBlock files.
    -q        Disable copyright message (must be first parameter).
    -d        Daemonize: Redirect stdout to onionstart.log file.
    -rpf <file>    Get the passphrase remotely via remote passphrase file
            and server.
    --pgp        Save the files sysop.txt in encrypted gpg messages.
    -pf    <file>    Calculate password from global salt keyfile.   
            The password is calculated form the filename and 
            contents of file or previous -pf and/or -sp password.
            You can combine -pf and/or -p 
            -p passw1 -pf file1 -p pass2 -pf file2
            The password Will calculate via:
                    Der2048(passw1, file2) , 
    Special commands:

    --gen-password    Require an input line and generate an encrypted
    --gen-servers    Generate new servers and exit.
    --stop        Stop onionmail.
    --del-keys    Delete all KeyBlock and sysop files.
    --gen-keyfile    Generate new global salt Keyfile.
    --show-passwd    Show current password generated.
    --reboot    Reboot server via remote network seed/push keys.
    --set-pgp    Set manually the server's PGP private key.
            Require some input files width ASCII PGP keys and
    --kctl        Show the KCTL remote menĂ¹ to manage remote seeds of 

    --gen-rpass    Start remote passphrase files generator.
            If this parameter is preceded by -sp you can choose
            the passphrase to store.

    --rpass-server    Do the remote passphrase server (one session only).

(CC) by OnionMail Project

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