To configure multiple server put mutiple server configuration block into the servers.conf file.

SMTPServer (nickname) {

SMTPServer (nickname) {

To configure multiple Exit/Enter you must have multiple ip address on the same server. Use the ExitIP parameter to set IP address for each exit/enter server.

Don't forget to set the MX record of your server's domain.

Parameters into the SMTPServer block:

Onion HiddenService.onion

This is the address of hidden service.

PassWD (password)

Set the server's API control port password.

You can use $SCR to scramble this password. Use onionmail --gen-password to encrypt the password.

SMTPPort 20025

SMTP port (the same of torrc HiddenServicePort).

If this is an enter/exit server use the port 25.

POP3Port  20110

POP3 port (the same of torrc HiddenServicePort).


Localhost ip (the same of torrc HiddenServicePort) 


Set the exit/enter server IP address to listen ant do use as source.


Set the SMTP banner. (Put your QFDN into this string).

These variables are expanded:

${SERVER} Domain of server (onion or internet)

${NICK} Nick Name of server.

${SOFTWARE} Version on OnionMail

${DATE} Current date and time (spoofed).

MailDir maildir/test

Server's root directory (do not create manually).

MaxMsgSize 2M

Maximum message size (M = MegaBytes).

MaxMsgXuser 128

Maximum mailbox messages per user.

MaxMsgXUserXHour n | no limit

Maximum number of messages that can be sent per hour per user.

MaxMsgExitXHour n | no limit

Maximum number of messages that can be sent to the Internet per hour per server.

TimeSpoof    1H <1H ~50M 2H> GMT

Set the timespoof.

CanRealy N | Y

Enable or disable all relay. (We suggest to disable).

SSLInfo (parameter) (value)

Set the SSL certificate information.

    SSLInfo        Country            US
    SSLInfo        Organization        OnionMail test server
    SSLInfo        OrgUnit            OnionMail
    SSLInfo        State            OnionLand
    SSLInfo        From            1Y 1O 1D 1H 1M 20I
    SSLInfo        To            10Y 1O 1D 1H 1M 1S 10I
From e to use the timespoofer to hide the cretificate generation date and time.

Manifest (parameter) (value)

Set the public information parameter to server's manifest.

See TORM IAM to get more informations.


    Manifest    web    http://onionmail.info/testserver.html

MaxSpamEntryXUser 64

Size of user's spam blacklist.

MaxMailingListSize 8192

Maximum size of mailing list (in users).

NewUsrXDay  (xDay) (xHour)

Allow to subscribe n user per (xDay) and (xHour)

NewLstXDay (xDay) (xHour)

Allow to subscribe n mailing list (XDay) and (xHour).

lang (language)

Set default language.

ExitRouteDomain example.org       

Domain name of this exit route server (internet no .onion).

ServerType normal

Set the server type. The type can be:

Normal = Normal OnionMail server only into the tor network (use the exit/enter server to comunicate via internet).

Exit = Exit/Enter server, share the domain with Tor network to connect internet and tor SMTP protocols.

ExitNotice Default
Set the X-Notice header when an exit/enter server forward an email message to the internet.
The variable ${SERVER} is expanded as server's mail address.
The string Default put the default message.
EnableVMAT yes | no
Enable the VMAT protocol to allow the users to request a VMAT address.

StatFile (file)

Save the server's statistics to a csv file.

BinStatFile (file)

Save the server's statistics to a binary loop file.

LogVoucherTo (file)

Log all voucher to a clear text file.

MultiDeliverMaxRCPTTo 10

Maximum nunber of deliver in multi deliver messages.

ExitAltPort 10025

Set the exit/enter server SMTP alternative port (not 25). You must enable this on exit/enter server.

ExitMultipleServerDelivery yes | no

Enable the multideliver message forwarding to the internet and from the internet.   

Application (application file)

Register an application associated to a mail address.

See applications for more details.

RMXCache (number) (minutes)

Set the remote MX record cache size (number) and record time to live in (minutes).

VMAT Allow and disallow for specific hidden services:

To enable VMAT use VMATAllow, one onion address per line. If you put a line contains "*" the policy is valid for all.

To disable VMAT use VMATDisallow.


VMATAllow {

Enable VMAT request for all tor network.

Configuration Example:

SMTPServer test {
    Onion       HiddenService.onion
    PassWD      PleaseHackMeIAMAVeryVeryLamer!!!
    SMTPPort    20025 
    POP3Port    20110 
    Banner      ${SERVER} (${NICK}) TESMTP ${SOFTWARE} ${DATE}
    MailDir     maildir/test
    MaxMsgSize  2M           
    MaxMsgXuser 128 
    TimeSpoof   1H <1H ~50M 2H> GMT 
    CanRealy    N
    SSLInfo        Country       US
    SSLInfo        Organization  OnionMail test server
    SSLInfo        OrgUnit       OnionMail
    SSLInfo        State         OnionLand
    SSLInfo        From          1Y 1O 1D 1H 1M 20I
    SSLInfo        To            10Y 1O 1D 1H 1M 1S 10I
    Manifest    web    http://onionmail.info/testserver.html
    MaxSpamEntryXUser    64
    MaxMailingListSize   8192
    NewUsrXDay    15     4
    NewLstXDay    100    100
MaxMsgXUsrXHour 300
    lang en-us
    ExitRouteDomain example.org 
    ServerType    normal
    CanRelay      no
    ExitNotice    Default
    EnableVMAT    yes
    StatFile      var/test-stats.txt
    BinStatFile   var/test-stats.dat
    LogVoucherTo  var/vouchers.log
    MultiDeliverMaxRCPTTo    10
    ExitAltPort              10025
    ExitMultipleServerDelivery yes
    RMXCache    256    5
    VMATAllow       {

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