Server Type protocol
The OnionMail's server directory can get more informations about OnionMail servers. The sysop can set the server type and server group to insert these informations into the server's directory.

The parameters can be set on the server.d/server.conf file.
Into the server section you can insert some headers into the server's manifest file by "manifest" statement.

Server type

To set the server type the header is named "X-ServerType".

The value must be one of these:

  • NOR = Normal server.
  • UNK = No set any informations.
  • EXP = Experimental / Test server (Don't use).
  • CLO = Closed (Subscriptions are not allowed).
  • BIG = Big server (more than 1000 users).
  • HUG = Huge server (more than 2000 users).
  • STA = Server full (Registration is not recommended).
  • RST = Reset server (Delete all user after h 00:00 am automatically).
Default value = UNK
Server Group

To define a group of server manged by the same entity (not on the same machine):

The header is named "X-ServerGroup"

The content of the header must be an hidden service address with a WebServer enabled containing a list file named "group.index".

The group.index file must be a text file (Unix format, encoding UTF-8 without BOM).

Default value = iam.onion

Inside the file should contains a list of servers formatted as follow:

The first line of list must be:

groupNickName description
The description field is optional.
One line per server:
hiddenservice00.onion nickname description
The description field is optional.

The position of the file must be: http://hiddenservice00.onion/group.index
How to

Example: Set a server as Big server into the group named "test".

Edit the server.d/ server's file to add these lines:

Manifest X-ServerType BIG
Manifest X-ServerGroup hiddenservice00.onion

Create a new file named group.index into the wwwroot server's (hiddenservice00.onion) directory:

test This is a group description.
hiddenservice00.onion test1
hiddenservice01.onion test2 A description of server.

The OnionMail's directory will scan your server and read the manifest.

All information will update automatically.

Default parameters

This is the dafault settings (no server type and no server group).

Manifest X-ServerType UNK
Manifest X-ServerGroup iam.onion

The address iam.onion is a false address to disable the server group feature.

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